Tanzania stuns with a broad mix of wildlife, cultural abundance, and natural superlatives. Ever since the early 1900s, the people in Tanzania have protected their country's natural beauty. Today, about 38% of the country's territory are official national parks or conservation areas. Add to that a spectacular coastline and the snow-peaked Kilimanjaro in the north. Experience the colorful blend of languages and cultures and you will fall in love with Tanzania just like we have. Amidst this diversity, some of the finest African coffees with complex cups are grown.

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  1. Tanzania honey mielado Kent AB+ Edelweiss Estate 103287.3
    Afloat (expected arrival: 06/29/2024) 14 GrainPro bags of 60kg
  2. Tanzania natural Arabica Kent AB+ Edelweiss Estate 103287.2
    Afloat (expected arrival: 06/29/2024) 91 GrainPro bags of 60kg
  3. Tanzania washed Arabica AA South, Isaiso RAC (IP/MI) 103125.1
    Spot: Vollers Hamburg 12 GrainPro bags of 60kg
  4. Tanzania washed Arabica AA South, Nyota Kusini RAC (IP/MI) 103125.2
    Spot: Vollers Hamburg 212 GrainPro bags of 60kg
  5. Tanzania washed Arabica AB+ Edelweiss Estate 103287.1
    Afloat (expected arrival: 06/29/2024) 197 GrainPro bags of 60kg
  6. Tanzania washed Arabica PB South, Nyasi Furaha RAC (IP/MI) 103125.3
    Spot: Vollers Hamburg 1 GrainPro bags of 60kg
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