Praised for its gastronomy, rich cultural legacy, and diverse landscapes, Peru has a lot to offer. This statement is surely also true for its coffee. 

As diverse as its terrain, Peruvian coffees offer much diversity through ten different producing regions, each with its unique flavor profile. Although coffee production has spread out along the eastern slopes of the Andes, it concentrates mainly in the Amazonas and San Martin regions. Today, Peru is not only producing stunning specialty coffees, but it is also the world's largest exporter of organic Arabica coffee.

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  1. Peru washed Arabica Grade 1 103366
    Afloat (expected arrival: 08/14/2024) 253 bags of 69kg
  2. Peru washed Arabica Grade 1 Fairtrade (FLO) + Organic 102949
    Spot: Vollers Hamburg 30 bags of 69kg
  3. Peru washed Arabica Grade 1 Fairtrade (FLO) + Organic 102979
    Spot: Vollers Hamburg 11 bags of 69kg
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