Despite its compact size, Ecuador stands out as one of the world's most ecologically diverse countries. Housing approximately 1,500 bird species alongside a myriad of other animals and plants, Ecuador's environmental richness is remarkable.

Coffee first arrived in Ecuador around 1860, and today, the country distinguishes itself as one of the few producers of both Robusta and Arabica coffee. Production spans several regions, including Manabi, Loja, El Oro, Zamora Chinchipe, and Galápagos. Not surprisingly, Ecuadorian coffees are beginning to gain prominence thanks to their potential for quality. In fact, it is believed that the Sidra variety was developed on Ecuadorian soil. This hybrid of Bourbon and Typica is particularly known for its intense sweetness and has been notably used in world coffee championships.

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  1. Ecuador washed Arabica Galapagos San Cristobal, ORGANIC 103068
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