Known as the land of ‘lagos y volcanes’ (lakes and volcanoes), Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America. This thinly populated nation has faced many challenges in the last decades, from political instability to civil war and natural disasters. 

Although the country’s coffee industry suffered from this background, coffee remains its primary export. Coffee production supports some 40,000 farmers and their families, of which around 95% are smallholders. Today, Nicaraguan coffees are stepping up. Traceability levels are high, and Nicaragua is unveiling its potential as a specialty coffee origin as quality improves.

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  1. Nicaragua natural SHG EP Parainema Finca Los Altiplanos 102469.3
    Spot: Vollers Hamburg 36 GrainPro bags of 69kg
  2. Nicaragua natural SHG EP Red Catuai Finca Alejandrita 102469.2
    Spot: Vollers Hamburg 51 GrainPro bags of 69kg
  3. Nicaragua washed Arabica SHG EP Finca La Luz 102468
    Spot: Vollers Hamburg 58 GrainPro bags of 69kg
  4. Nicaragua washed Arabica SHG EP Organic 102542
    Unshipped 285 bags of 69kg
  5. Nicaragua washed SHG EP Fancy Las Mimosas 102540
    Unshipped 542 bags of 69kg
  6. Nicaragua washed SHG EP Fancy Las Mimosas 102541
    Unshipped 570 bags of 69kg
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