Papua New Guinea

What comes to your mind when thinking about Papua New Guinea? Most likely not a whole lot as this remote country remains one of the least discovered ones. Located north of the Australian tip, marking the eastern border to the Pacific Ocean, this country stuns with its cultural diversity. More than 850 languages managed to establish themselves in this country. Not surprisingly, PNG is also one of the most rural countries in the world. Scientists also believe that PNG may still hold numerous undiscovered plants, animals, and indigenous peoples in its lush jungles. Reasons enough to pay more attention to coffees from this stunning and untamed land.

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  1. Papua New Guinea natural Arabica Plantation Sigri A 103088.2
    Spot: Vollers Hamburg 47 GrainPro bags of 60kg
  2. Papua New Guinea washed Arabica Grade B Organic 103162
    Afloat (expected arrival: 04/21/2024) 268 GrainPro bags of 60kg
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