India is full of color: bowls of brick red and ocher spices at vivid markets and turquoise water hitting golden beaches. Verdant volcanic mountain ranges sketch the diversity of India's flora and fauna. Not surprisingly, it also offers a large variety of agricultural produce. Although making up only a low percentage of its exports, India's specialty coffee production has started to draw some serious attention.

11 Items

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  1. India Arabica Monsooned Malabar AA 102154
    Spot: Vollers Hamburg 185 bags of 50kg
  2. India Arabica Monsooned Malabar AA 102155
    Spot: Vollers Hamburg 540 bags of 50kg
  3. India Arabica Monsooned Malabar AA 102392
    Afloat (expected arrival: 12/29/2022) 270 bags of 50kg
  4. India Arabica Monsooned Malabar AAA 102123
    Spot: Vollers Hamburg 8 bags of 50kg
  5. India natural Robusta Cherry AB 102706
    Spot: Vollers Hamburg 20 bags of 60kg
  6. India Robusta Monsooned AA 102156
    Spot: Vollers Hamburg 100 bags of 60kg
  7. India Robusta Monsooned AA 102396
    Afloat (expected arrival: 01/27/2023) 230 bags of 60kg
  8. India washed Arabica Plantation AA Cascade Estate 102489
    Spot: Vollers Hamburg 24 bags of 60kg
  9. India washed Robusta Kaapi Royale A screen 17 102703.2
    Unshipped 119 bags of 60kg
  10. India washed Robusta Parchment AB 102703.1
    Unshipped 140 bags of 60kg
  11. India washed Robusta Parchment AB RAC (SG) 102704
    Unshipped 320 bags of 60kg
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