Guatemala washed Arabica SHB EP San Martin Jilotepeque

citric, smooth, milk chocolate, blood orange, sugarcane
60 % of 100
80 % of 100
SCA Score 84.00
80 % of 100
Spot: Vollers Hamburg
Quantity Available: 32 bags of 69kg

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Unit of Measure bags of 69kg
Status Spot
Warehouse Vollers Hamburg
Crop 22/23
Acidity 3.000000
Flavor 4.000000
Batch 102822
Variety Bourbon, Caturra, & Catuai
Region San Martin Jilotepeque
Process Washed
Grade SHB EP
Producer Small and medium-scale producers
SCA Score 84.000000
Body 4.000000

Chimaltenango is a relatively young coffee-growing region in Guatemala. It is located north of Antigua at altitudes between 1,300 and 1,700 masl. Packed with lime and clay, the soil is rich in nutrients, lending itself to grow outstanding coffee profiles. Thanks to its growing quality, coffees from this region are rapidly becoming a Guatemalan favorite among specialty coffee lovers.

Chimaltenango is also home to the beautiful municipality of San Martin Jilotepeque. The term "Jilotepeque or Xilotepeque" is a Nahuatl name, formed by the words Xilotl (mountain of tender corn), and Tepetl (hill), which translates as the "Mountain of tender corn". The municipality was founded in 1542 and used to be of major economic and political importance during Guatemala´s precolonial history. Today, it is still home to the Kaqchikel people, whose capital city’s ruins can still be seen at the archeological site of Jilotepeque Viejo.

This fully-washed coffee comes from this municipality. It is composed of Bourbon, Catuai, and Caturra varieties grown in smallholder farms with an average of 10 hectares in size. The microclimate is mild and warm, but it is balanced by its abundant natural springs. Given the high altitudes in the region, coffee grows and ripens at a slower pace. This results in the development of denser beans typically full with an array of complex flavors.

Guatemala is a fascinating country with rich indigenous culture and stunning natural habitats. The most striking features of its landscape are the 37 volcanoes, several of them still being active. These volcanoes are not only attractive to travelers to discover but make up the distinct characters to be found in Guatemalan coffees.

CONTINENTCentral America
COFFEE REGIONSAntigua, Huehuetenango, San Marcos, Acatenango, Atitlán, Cobán, Nuevo Oriente, Fraijanes
COFFEE ALTITUDES1,300 – 2,000 masl.
VARIETIESBourbon, Caturra, Typica, Catuai, Pache
COFFEE FARMSSmallholders and plantations
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