Uganda Robusta screen 18 Fairtrade (FLO) + Organic

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Unit of Measure Sack à 60kg
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ETA 01.03.2023
Crop 2022
Charge 102591
Process Natural
Screen 18
Sustainability Fairtrade Organic

In 2006, a committee of 10 village-based societies met and decided to form a new, smaller union, known as the Ankole Coffee Producers Cooperative Union Ltd (ACPCU), after the collapse of a former Coffee Union. By organising themselves this way, the societies could assume the role the agency played, create local jobs, and develop skills in their community.

Today, ACPCU counts 4,465 smallholder coffee growers and is located in the Bushenyi district in South West Uganda, in the mountains of Bunyaruguru and Katerera in Western Uganda, a region renowned for its stunning emerald green crater lakes. Thanks to the Fairtrade premium, ACPCU´s farmers have been able to invest in their local communities and the cooperative. They have renovated local primary schools and built a community centre and library.

In order to improve the coffee quality and production, ACPCU has invested in a coffee seedling nursery and young plants are distributed to the members. They could also plant shade trees, including banana and yam and ground cover from beans, all of which help to support the family diet. Farmers use cow manure and banana leaf compost to fertilize the coffee in a natural way. Pests are treated by using extract from Bird´s Eye pepper plant which grows amongst the coffee. In order to reduce the risk of landslides the coffee is not planted on very steep hills.

Winston Churchill called Uganda the "Pearl of Africa" for its breath-taking natural beauty. Although it is a landlocked country, Uganda has rich sources of water. Verdant mountain ranges, home to some of the last freely roaming Gorillas, can be found in various parts of the country. While cherished for their scenic views, these lands are also home to 85 % of Uganda's population. With agriculture as the main source of income, coffee remains by far the most valued export good. We are happy to introduce you to some of Uganda's finest selections.

Uganda is next to Congo one of the two countries Robusta coffee originates from. Robusta trees grow wild in large parts of the country. Today, Uganda has become the second-largest producer of Robusta coffee in the world. The wide deltas along with Lake Victoria and the slight altitudes favor the growth of strong Robusta trees.

Arabica coffee, on the other hand, roughly makes up 20 % of the country's total production. Close to the Kenyan border, Mount Elgon is located. About 24 million years ago, the liquid flows of lava created this nowadays extinct volcano. With its peak above 3,000 masl and rich volcanic soils, it provides optimal conditions for Arabica cultivation. Arabica coffees from this region are called "Bugisu", pronounced as Bugishu. Blessed by optimal natural conditions, Uganda's Arabica farmers have increasingly started to improve their crops.

The willingness to learn about specialty coffee cultivation is widely spread, accelerating the overall development. Smallholder farmers typically grow their trees intercropped and in shaded environments, automatically applying sustainable practices already. We are looking forward to what to expect next from the coffee country on the rise!


COFFEE REGIONSEastern & North West (Onkoro)
COFFEE ALTITUDES1,200 - 2,200 masl.
COFFEE FARMSMainly smallholders
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